$65.00 - $150.00
  • Innocence

Now an award winning piece,this was a very challenging piece to conceive. Originally i had a different vision for this piece, but upon the process of drawing this piece i noticed that the paper was damaged from stretching the paper. This caused these prominent white marks on the figure's arms and neck area. Instead of redoing the whole entire drawing again, I flowed with the process. I created the cracks in the areas where the marks were and it gave the drawing a better outcome.
I believe every woman can relate to this piece, women of color especially, who has had some form of innocence stripped from them. The unseen scars, the feeling of unjustifiable guilt, a peace that has been taken, innocence lost.
The hand placing the iris flower into the figure is the post tramatic growth from others that heals the wounds. The iris flowers throughout history has very significant meanings with each color. The white iris flower represents purity, divinity, and innocence.